Who Are Your Top 5 People?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn teamwork puzzle help peer group team

Over the course of the average month, there are 720 hours.

If you sleep seven hours a day, like most, that’s 210 hours, leaving you 510 hours.

Out of that 510 hours, who do you spend the most time with?

If you want to be successful, or even rich, you probably should find out.

The process to find out who you are spending the most time with is really very simple:

Create a spreadsheet with 31 columns. In column 1 the header should read “NAME”.

In column 2, the header should read “DAY 1”, column 3 = “DAY 2”, column 4 = “DAY 3” and so on.

Each day, under column 1 write down the names of the people you interact with every day.  


This interaction can be physical or non-physical. Physical means being in personal physical contact with a person.

Non-physical includes talking with a person on the phone, via email, texting, Skype, etc.

Each day, under columns 2 – 31, write down the time you spent interacting with each person on your list.

At the end of the thirty days add up all of the time you spent with each name on your list.

Put a Plus Sign (+), Minus Sign (-) or Equal Sign (=) next to each name on the list.

A Plus Sign is the designation you give to upbeat, optimistic, happy, positive people. These are your Rich Relationships.

A Minus Sign is the designation you give to gloomy, pessimistic, negative people. These are your Toxic Relationships.

An Equal Sign is the designation you give to those individuals who are in the middle; neither a Rich Relationship, nor a Toxic Relationship.

List the top five people you spent the most time with.

How many of those top five people you associate with are Rich Relationships?

How many of the people that did not make the top five list are Rich Relationships? network-1020332_1920

Take a good, hard look at your list, particularly those Rich Relationships who did not make it into your top five.

Those are the people you should be spending more time with.

Lastly, how many in your top five were Toxic Relationships?

Those are the people you should be spending the least amount of time with.

Now you have awareness, thanks to tracking.

This process helps you identify who you are associating with the most.

If you are associating with too many Toxic Relationships, your odds of being successful are not very good.


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