A glimpse into Wealth Retreat – Part 2

Did you know that your habits can mean the difference between success and failure?

That’s one of the recurring ideas that came through at Wealth Retreat.

In this series of videos I’m sharing my reflections from that event and rich-poorin between sessions I interviewed Tom Corley who co-wrote the book Rich Habits Poor Habits with Michael Yardney.

In this interview, Tom explains the results of his 5 year study of the Rich and Poor, looking at their different habits.

His studies have found that although you are born into wealth or poverty, it is your habits that define you and there is a clear trend with the habits of successful people.

The topic of finance has was moree prominent than ever at Wealth Retreat

In this video I interviewed Director of Intuitive Finance Andrew Mirams, and discussed what is the difference between a bank or a high street broker and a dedicated Finance Strategist.

With finance being a stumbling block for many, we also touched on the current environment and how it’s playing out.

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