Property Expert Behaves Badly

O.K. it is confession time.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m overweight.

Although I prefer to think of myself as just a  bit too short for my healthy health weight food eat exercise fitness

I recently went to the doctor and apparently my body mass index, which compares height to weight, suggests  I am obese.

Now I know how to correct this problem.

I should simply eat less.

However, I find this incredibly hard to do.

So despite the fact I know how to change, I don’t change, so my knowledge doesn’t translate into better behaviour.

Rather I’ve filed the information in the category of “things I know but choose to ignore.”

I’ve noticed much the same in others

I have strong will and self control in many areas of my life yet I find it interesting how people can be so disciplined in one area of their life, but undisciplined in others.

But it’s not so uncommon.

I know plenty of people that are in excellent health, eat right and workout religiously who are terrible with their spending habits.

On the other hand, I know others who are diligent savers and conscientious spenders but cannot for the life of them bring themselves to go to the gym or change their diet.

And I’ve seen it over and over again with property investors.

They know what to do, but they sabotage themselves.

Knowledge alone can’t change your behaviour.

That’s why everyone who wants to (needs to) change should have mentors and coaches. puzzle teamin

Someone to see their blind spots.

Someone to have transformational conversations with them.

For the last 15 years I’ve had coaches and mentors help me grow in many areas of my life and business (and I’ve even had a personal trainer who helped me lose weight.)

If you would like me to be your Mentor with regards to the science of becoming wealthy (don’t ask me for advice about diets) please check out my Mentorship Program by clicking here.

You’ll learnt he Science of becoming Wealthy.

You will also learn what’s behind growing a multi-million dollar property portfolio from someone who’s done it and educated more successful Australian property investors than just about anyone else.

Just click here and learn more.

In my Mentorship Program you get:

  1. Access to me – including 1 on 1 sessions and by email
  2. Structured learning – weekly video sessions that will teach you the science of getting wealthy
  3. Access to my “inner circle” of contacts, knowledge and research

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