11 bits of life advice for your children

James Altucher is an American bestselling author, and podcaster.

He has founded and cofounded over 20 companies and claims to have failed at 17 of them broke but I still regularly read his blogs

He recently explained he wished he could go back in time further and tell his mother (who won’t speak to him) and his father (who is dead) these things.

Instead he’ll teach them to his children…

  1. Fly kites as much as possible. While they are in the air, they keep your feet on the ground.   family-1784371_1920
  2. NEVER read the newspaper. They sometimes breed the worst horror fiction.
  3. NEVER do anything you don’t want to do. You will resent it. You will do a bad job. Others will be dissatisfied. And then you will die with regret.
  4. FREEDOM is something you can have right this second. Else you lose the chance and this moment will vanish while you were waiting in prison.
  5. DIVERSIFY everything in your life, including the people you listen to for advice. Including me, your father.
  6. LEARN lots of games. They turn you into a hard-core killer without you ever having to hurt someone.
  7. This is a cliché, but never listen to anyone who says “You can’t do that”. Those are usually the people who can’t do it. Not you. success invest
  8. Even though life is short, there’s also no rush. You have to put on a parachute before you jump out of a plane.
  9. PREPARATION is the key to having good luck. And lots of it. People will never understand the source of your luck but will be amazed at it.
  10. KINDNESS to others is a greater power than any god people preach to you.
  11. Every day is an adventure. Every day you can squeeze art out of the day. And art causes delight and that delight compounds every day.

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