DON’T WORRY – that’s how to avoid unnecessary stress!

As investors, business people and entreprenuers one of our big challenges is worrying about what is going to happen.  motivation job work success hard

Truth is, no one knows exactly what is going to happen in life.

Our job is to scan the landscape of reality looking for profitable opportunities.

When we worry we actually push good opportunities away from us because we get caught in what can go wrong.

This is not a profitable or happy way to live!

Worry just does not equal finding solutions.

Since your brain doesn’t have enough information to worry accurately, you’re making it up, and most likely, it’s 100 percent worse than reality could ever be. 

If you have unhealthy emotions of imagined fears, the body responds with a tense feeling of nervousness, stress-related illness, fatigue, lack of energy, and loss of creativity.

Have you ever heard this saying: “The fearful die a thousand deaths, the brave only one?

When you live under fear of what might happen, you are so physically exhausted that you are unable to be creative and cope with normal challenges or emergencies that might happen.

Make a vow to yourself to look for solutions to problems and not become a victim by worrying about the problem.

Worrying only makes the problem worse.

You must take back your power in life by staying in the present and dealing with reality.

You are not a victim of circumstance; you make your own internal environment.

You are the creator of your life by your thoughts and actions.

Your subconscious mind will produce whatever you ask for, and like a computer, it doesn’t care what information you put in, it will act on that information.

We must stop letting worry control us.

For the next 21 days – every time you catch yourself worrying about something simply write it down and ask your brain to start looking for workable solutions to the prmotivation positive happy inspirationoblem.

In other words – Be Pro-Active!

So your job is first to identify what you’re worrying about, then if you can, do something proactive about the problem.

Don’t just get stuck in the worry and distract yourself from taking proactive action.

Ok, what if you have no power in a situation like world peace, what the weather is going to do, or whether or not your plane is going to be on time?

Well…Sometimes you just have to let a greater power take care of the big stuff and you stick to what you can control!

There’s really no use in worrying about things you can’t control.

So why don’t you try it for a month – just stop worrying and be proactive with your life.


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