Wages and hours worked | Are things really just peachy?

According to the talking heads, everything is alright.calculator coin money save debt

“Just peachy”, they say.

But very few people I speak to give two hoots about gross domestic product, our trade balance or other economic statistical babble.

It comes down to how much they earn and how much work they can get.

Take a gander at the following two charts.

They speak volumes….


Pity only the wicked Right wants to talk about such things, and in a language and tone that resonates with most.  


I am reminded of a Steve Earle lyric from 21st Century Blues

It’s hard times in the new millennium
Getting by on just the bare minimum
Everything’s loose and nothing to spare

So does what you’re building, or looking to buy, suit this new paradigm?

Or do you – like so many of those jabbering about things economic – think this is just a minor hiccup that will soon pass?

Keen to hear your thoughts.


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